Welding canada
Welding canadaWelding canada

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Welding canada

Steel, aluminum, stainless steel

With a broad range of equipment for diverse welding techniques on steel, aluminum and stainless steel, RDL Metal uses lean manufacturing principles to ensure timely service.

RDL Metal will manage your projects from A to Z, starting from your plans and specifications, through production, to delivery or installation at your facility or work site by our CWB-certified team.

Save time and money - and avoid problems - with RDL Metal’s priority services and quality assurance.

Welding techniques

RDL Metal’s welders have all the necessary qualifications to carry out almost any welding job your industry might need.

Whether for small or large projects, our team can provide food-grade, medical and plumbing welding services in accordance with your requirements. Our facility also has industrial ovens for heat treatment of materials before or after welding.

Based on the demands of your project and your budget, the most appropriate methods will be selected in order to offer you the best possible overall value.

MIG (ou GMAW) Arc welding with consumable solid wire electrodes.
FCAW Arc welding with consumable flux-cored wire electrodes.
SAW Arc welding with consumable electrodes “submerged” under granular flux.
TIG ou GTAW Arc welding with non-consumable wire electrodes.
SMAW Electric arc welding with flux-coated electrodes; a manual process that ensures very high quality joints.
MCAW Arc welding with metal-cored wire.

Welding on pressure vessels

Class A For work on 2-inch diameter pipes.
Class B For work on 6-inch diameter pipes.


To provide a professional finish, we polish the welded parts. When a painted finish is needed, it is applied by our partner Peinture Breton inc.

Welding Equipment

Manual Welding

Spot Welding

  • Serra Soldadura SP-418
Welding canada
Welding canada


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Welding canada

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